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RATI victory!

June 1st, 2013

It was a rainy Portland morning when BOO showed up for the Race Around the Island on the Columbia river. Our mixed team of novice and experienced paddlers entered the race as an mixed open crew.  Our friends at mountain home loaned us what must have been greased lightning for the race. As we left the starting line our boat surged ahead almost immediately, putting Bend in a strong 3rd. Only a few yards from the start, a strong eddy forced another boat to run into the side of us. Un-faised we continued on, now in a tentative second place.

At the second buoy, another boat decided to cut inside, causing a quick reaction from John, who jumped onto the amma saving the boat from a huli. Still un-deterred our boat moved quick to regain ground lost in the incident.  Now the hot sun poured down on the boat as the rain clouds dissipated. It became a close battle for first against an expert team from Seattle. As we rounded the island it became a matter of feet separating our canoe and first place. A quick decision was made to try and shave some distance by going strait across the river instead of following the bank of the island behind Seattle. But the strong current made for a rough journey across the river. By the time we rejoined the rest of the boats we where locked in 4th place. But still first for our division. We finished strong and had a great time doing it!

Thanks to all that participated in the Race and thank you to mountain home for loaning us greased lightning. See you next year!

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New BOO Website

Hey all, we’re designing a new website, please be patient.  Any inquiries please sent to Amy Graves, web-admin and club member.

amy at bendoutrigger dot org


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