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Happy Thanksgiving BOO

BOOmaunaKea1For us, our water has turned to frozen wonderfulness.  We might get the occasional 52 degree days (like yesterday!!!) and we might get on the water for a quick OC-1 or SUP adventure. For the most part we’ve got our skis and shoes-with-screws for our frozen water outdoor play.

While winter wraps around us here in Bend, who’s going to warm water this winter? Please post your photos on our Facebook! Once outrigger paddling has changed our lives we are never the same – YAY – and we miss our paddling friends.

Outrigger paddling has allowed us a wonderful relationship with water. It’s given us a mix of the embrace of nature, of friendships forged through participation and often a shifting of perspective in the way in which you may have previously related with the elements around you.

On this Thanks giving week we can be grateful that we are linked to the tides and the moon’s influence on their rise and fall, the sun, wind, water and surface ripples all the way to the roaring waves and swells of the Columbia River (or Kaiwi Channel).  Here’s to us all being on, in, under or near water, with paddle in hand.

Happy Thanksgiving from BOO.

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After a disappointing defeat at rooster rock two weeks ago, it has been decided that we need to work together to perfect our performance. We have a great team with allot of strong paddlers. Lets put the pedal to the metal in the next few weeks so we can show those other teams that Bend is not just a bunch of laid back loungers.

New rules.

-Show up early to races and help unload and rig boats.

-Plan to stay a while and party with the team after the race. BYOB or better yet bring me one too.

-Always stay and help load boats and clean-up after races.

This is for fun, so lets all have a good time together!

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