Happy Thanksgiving BOO

BOOmaunaKea1For us, our water has turned to frozen wonderfulness.  We might get the occasional 52 degree days (like yesterday!!!) and we might get on the water for a quick OC-1 or SUP adventure. For the most part we’ve got our skis and shoes-with-screws for our frozen water outdoor play.

While winter wraps around us here in Bend, who’s going to warm water this winter? Please post your photos on our Facebook! Once outrigger paddling has changed our lives we are never the same – YAY – and we miss our paddling friends.

Outrigger paddling has allowed us a wonderful relationship with water. It’s given us a mix of the embrace of nature, of friendships forged through participation and often a shifting of perspective in the way in which you may have previously related with the elements around you.

On this Thanks giving week we can be grateful that we are linked to the tides and the moon’s influence on their rise and fall, the sun, wind, water and surface ripples all the way to the roaring waves and swells of the Columbia River (or Kaiwi Channel).  Here’s to us all being on, in, under or near water, with paddle in hand.

Happy Thanksgiving from BOO.

BOO – Off-Season Training

As Bend is buried in the first real snow of the year and our club Va’as are blanketed in the white stuff, early spring season paddles seem a long way off.  But before long we will be knocking out those 3-5 loop practices. Some team members are already in training.

blognov2Inez is building her cardio base while XC skiing up and down and all-around Meissner.

Judy and Ed have taken to snow shoes.blog3


Lisa Jakubowski is working on shoulder stretching as part of her ice-scraping regimen. (Hula girl not so happy).


Before our coaches have us doing 4-6 change segments with our eyes closed, here is a treat you will watch more than once. The first time through the visuals will capture your interest so much that you won’t be able to read the words quickly enough. That’s okay. Watch it for the visuals, then watch it for the words. The insights are what we all strive for every time we connect with our paddle and practice what we love to do.

HAHA HELE from Ann Allen/ Blindfaithmac.com on Vimeo.

Rusty Iron Outrigger Race

Bend Oregon Outrigger (BOO) kicked off the 2014 season with the Rusty Iron Race. Race venue was Frenchman’s Bar Park in Washington on Saturday, April 26th. It was a full day of racing with Mixed and Open Women’s crews racing at 10am, Men’s crews racing at noon, and the Short course crews closing the day at 2pm.

BOO fielded 3 race crews. The Mixed crew placed 3rd overall for the 10am, 8 mile, Long Course race and 2nd in the Open Mixed Division. BOO entered 2 crews for the 4 mile, short course race. The crews, consisting mostly of Novice paddlers, did a terrific job placing 2nd and 3rd in their overall.

Next race is the RATI — Race Around the Island, May 31st, which is hosted by the Columbia River Outrigger Canoe Club (CROCC). Race venue will be Chinook Landing Marine Park, in Fairview Oregon.

Thanks to Judy Shasek of Elder SUP and writer of the KIALOA Paddle blog, for the video.

Thanks to KIALOA for always supporting  BOO  and donating so many paddles to our club.  Our novice paddle in style!

2014 Season About to Begin

Hands rigging
Many hands make light work!

Bend Oregon Outrigger is getting ready for the new 2014 paddling season.  We are meeting Sunday March 30th to clean and rig our boats.  First meet at KIALOA where our boats are stored to wash and load one canoe onto the trailer.  Then down to the paddle site (Tumalo Creek Canoe and Kayak on the grass) where we will polish and rig 2-3 canoes.  Bring layers to be prepared for any weather.  We may even get to paddle if its nice!

First practice is Monday the 31st at 5:30 pm.  Wear layers and wind breakers and a hat, it is likely your feet will get wet so wear water proof boots and or wool socks.

Contact amy@bendoutrigger.org if you have questions or an interest in our club. See you there!


After a disappointing defeat at rooster rock two weeks ago, it has been decided that we need to work together to perfect our performance. We have a great team with allot of strong paddlers. Lets put the pedal to the metal in the next few weeks so we can show those other teams that Bend is not just a bunch of laid back loungers.

New rules.

-Show up early to races and help unload and rig boats.

-Plan to stay a while and party with the team after the race. BYOB or better yet bring me one too.

-Always stay and help load boats and clean-up after races.

This is for fun, so lets all have a good time together!

RATI victory!

June 1st, 2013

It was a rainy Portland morning when BOO showed up for the Race Around the Island on the Columbia river. Our mixed team of novice and experienced paddlers entered the race as an mixed open crew.  Our friends at mountain home loaned us what must have been greased lightning for the race. As we left the starting line our boat surged ahead almost immediately, putting Bend in a strong 3rd. Only a few yards from the start, a strong eddy forced another boat to run into the side of us. Un-faised we continued on, now in a tentative second place.

At the second buoy, another boat decided to cut inside, causing a quick reaction from John, who jumped onto the amma saving the boat from a huli. Still un-deterred our boat moved quick to regain ground lost in the incident.  Now the hot sun poured down on the boat as the rain clouds dissipated. It became a close battle for first against an expert team from Seattle. As we rounded the island it became a matter of feet separating our canoe and first place. A quick decision was made to try and shave some distance by going strait across the river instead of following the bank of the island behind Seattle. But the strong current made for a rough journey across the river. By the time we rejoined the rest of the boats we where locked in 4th place. But still first for our division. We finished strong and had a great time doing it!

Thanks to all that participated in the Race and thank you to mountain home for loaning us greased lightning. See you next year!

Good Luck BOO at the Rusty Iron

Good luck Bend Oregon Outrigger at the Rusty Iron race in Portland on Saturday.  The Rusty Iron is the first distance race of the season.  About a 9 mile race starting at Cathedral Park in St. John’s on the Willamette.

Usually opening day for or fishing there are a lot of boats and barges to dodge as well as a variety of weather.  Might be a bit rainy this year.

Have fun guys and gals!


Never, Never, Always